Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Lemon Heaven

There are a lot of things I don't like, lemons are one of them, but I think that's the case for most people, unless you are 50 shades of cray.

On Saturday, I was feeling blue, and then I was feeling yellow. If you follow me on twitter you saw that over the Easter holidays I wanted to bake lemon cupcakes, however I was so poor it wasn't even funny, like at all. So I decided that when I came back, after all my assignments were in, I would make them! Sufficed to say, I was feeling a little down on Saturday and you know what I do when I'm sad...BAKE. Not the healthiest cure but its the best one I know! That and friends! So my friend Dan came round and we baked!

Turns out guys (my friend Josh was the same) really like using mixers and literally get entranced by them...

Wanna make em too? Check out this very easy gluten-free recipe that I adapted for full fat and completely unhealthy purposes and enjoy!

Also I love my housemates, every time I make a batch of cupcakes they say they're the best cupcakes they've ever had and that I've ever made...I see a pattern emerging here!

Oh, and queue the mouthwatering pictures:

These cupcakes were sweet and perfectly fluffy, with beautifully creamy icing. Essentially, my housemates were right, these are the best cupcakes I have ever made.

I've been listening to quite a lot of new music but there's one track that I keep playing that just puts a smile on my face when I listen to it. There are no words but its fun and I'll definitely be listening to it throughout the summer! I hope you like it too:

Until next time (which probably won't be until I've finished writing 5500 words this week)!