Sunday, 29 March 2015


I love cheese. If you are lactose intolerant, I am legitimately sorry. Cheese is love, cheese is life. Its beautiful, its reasonably priced, its great grated on baked potatoes, it melts on other delicious things...essentially, cheese is perfect. All the mean things that Doctors say about cheese are lies. They just want to stop you from eating cheese so they can have it all for themselves. That is a joke, I just really like cheese.

So, I also like pasta. If no one has ever told you, cheese and pasta were pretty much created to be eaten together, like in the same mouthful. Its a match made in food heaven, which of course is just regular heaven. Anyway, I put two and two together, found a schweeeet recipe that combined the two, added some chicken, HELLO GORGEOUS. Happiness was all up in my mouth. Enjoy. Recipe from the fabulous Ree, check it out here.

You can thank me for sending you to Ree later.

FYI, those pasta shells, they have a real name, its called Conchiglie, its great.

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