Sunday, 15 November 2015

Cookie Dough

Everybody loves Oreos. Or at least, all the people that I've ever discussed this delicious, crunchy, dreamy, can-do-no-wrong delight with, have loved it.

So it was inevitable that at some point, I was going to bake something that involved the most majestic biscuit (is it biscuit? or a cookie? or just a fantastic entity that can only be called an Oreo?) that man has ever seen.

NB - Oreo buttercream frosting is certifiably the greatest thing I have ever tasted; and yes, I have tasted  pizza, but this frosting is better. It's the creamy centre of the Oreo mixed with the crushed biscuit, sprinkled with extra biscuit - oh, and there's a lil' slice of Oreo tucked in too.


Musically, I've been all over the shop, with Adele's glorious return to our ears, and Bieber's epic comeback, there's been a lot of great new music - but there's one song out there, that perfectly described how I feel about these cupcakes, that has to be shared...

Til' next time
O xx