Thursday, 2 July 2015

Smooth Classics

I like nice things.

When things are organised, tidy, aesthetically pleasing - that kind of thing. Which is why I love a perfectly smooth buttercream finish on a cake. It just looks delicious, and when you cut that slice, and it's faultlessly creamy get my drift. A buttercream finish is everything.

So when my Dad requested a full sized classic chocolate cake (he thought the 6-inch was cute, but politely said he wanted a bigger one) I figured I had the time to get that perfect finish on it, and add a little fun with some sprinkles. Cause who doesn't love sprinkles?

Of course, doing what you know is nice, but switching up the tempo is even more fun, which is why recently I've been switching out the vanilla essence in this cake for peppermint extract, and we all know that mint chocolate is pretty much a match made in taste bud heaven - and I'm pretty sure it's my Dad's new favourite.

Here's a song I  currently can't, and don't want to, get out of my head, enjoy:

Til' next time