Sunday, 10 November 2013

White Noise

You know what I really love? CAKE. I know, obvious enough, but you all know exactly which cake I absolutely adore, that chocolate cake! Recently though, as a student, with a rather slender budget, buying all the ingredients to make that cake isn't exactly smart.

So instead I decided to make something different; but not too different, it still had to be chocolate cake...

...with a twist!

This was a delicious and moist (is that a weird word? I keep being told it is...dirty minded friends) cake and the white icing was just, perfection. I took it to one of my rehearsals and everyone loved it, as did my housemates! I received a text from one of my housemates the day after I'd made the cake saying "Omg where did all the cake go!", clearly exasperated at the fact that there was the tiniest slither of cake left on a large plate in the fridge. That people, is the sign of a good cake!

Then...yesterday I went to see some fireworks with my housemates and they were beautiful! Pretend you were there by looking at some pictures haha

I personally really like the way I edited the last picture, I feel super professional now...

Anyway, a cliché song that describes what I've just written about...

Hope you all had fun this weekend!

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