Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Great Outdoors

I thought that attending university in a city would mean that I'd miss out on spending time amongst trees, grass, and the general awesomness of what is often called, "the great outdoors". Sufficed to say, I was wrong.

These are just a few pictures from the vast expanse that is the Common. An absolutely beautiful area of greenery stretching for a few miles, full of beautiful views and places to just sit and enjoy nature in all its glory.

Seriously though, get outdoors, and explore. Sitting inside glued to Netflix is fun, but once your favourite series is over and you have square eyes, you'll be wishing you'd looked at something a little more pleasing to the eye than your laptop screen!

After watching the Mindy Project (yes I know I just told you all to go outside not sit indoors and watch things), which by the way is hilarious and awesome and brilliant, I discovered a band called 'The National'. They are incredible! I love how chilled out their music is, perfect for summer, and chilled out days lying in the sun on the green grass! Below is one of my favourite songs by them so far, enjoy!

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