Friday, 18 October 2013


Finally, finally finally finally showing you were I live - kind of. My room anyway. Absolutely love my uni house, not completely in love with its placement (its down the side of another building) but its definitely really clean and very cosy. Ignore my bin in the corner, I hadn't been bothered to empty it when I took these pictures and wasn't too bothered to empty it and take it again afterwards. Laziness not a virtue, I know, don't judge me K?

So my room is number 3, which is quite apt and genuinely a coincidence (because we drew numbers out of a hat), because 3 is my favourite number! 

FYI I have much nicer bed covers but I had literally just changed them and tidied my room (particularly after Freshers' week) but when the nicer cover is on I'll show you guys what that looks like cause its super cute, and only from Tesco too! 

Also can we momentarily discuss the cuteness of my light? £2 from Ikea, now that is a bargain if I ever saw one! Took about 4 people to figure out how to put it on but now its on and it looks 'awsummmm'. 

...and now for the obligatory panoramic shot of my room just cause:

Uni life has become cray cray. That is both a good thing and a bad thing. Its good because it means I'm constantly doing something and I'm actually enjoying 2/3 of my modules, but its a bad thing because at the moment I am seriously struggling to keep up with the core reading let alone any secondary or private research reading :/ Ahh well, I suppose I'll get in the swing of it soon! Life is all about learning I guess, learning to be all adult and responsible and all the scary stuff o_O is a truly cliche but awesome song

I should really be asleep right now, but I'm hanging out with my friend (by hanging out I mean we're doing two separate things but in the same room haha), but I suppose I can always nap tomorrow. I do love my naps!

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