Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Face Time

I'd like to think that I love my skin. I try (often not successfully) to drink a lot of water each day, to make sure that even when I'm very tired after a night out, that I take my make-up off and use my toner and moisturiser afterwards. My skin is fairly sensitive so I need to be even more careful than most, not only about what I put on my skin, but also about what I eat. Here's what I use on a daily/weekly basis to keep it in tip top shape:

On a daily basis I use my toner, face wash, and two moisturisers, one for my body, one for my face. Twice or thrice a week I use my St Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub. First of all its obviously, invigorating so its created to really scrub your skin and get rid of all the dead skin and dirt, and I really don't want to overwork my skin or make it too thin by scrubbing it too hard too often. Secondly, the instructions of the back of the bottle say so! Now, the Johnson's wipes are very good, but its extortion. Queue my rant: essentially they used to be around £2.50 for 35 wipes. Now they are £3.05 for 25 wipes and slightly altered, but no more appealing packaging. Why greedy Johnson's people why?


I won't pretend, I do love wearing make-up, although most days I only wear eyeliner and brow pencil because wearing a full face of make up isn't good for anyone's skin and believe or not letting your skin breathe and having some fresh air hit it, is also good for it! Below are a some of my essentials.

make up

I love a nice red lip on a night out and Maybelline's colour is a nice alternative to MAC's Ruby Woo which is worth more than a Nandos! I also love Miss Sporty's nail varnish because the colour's are so rich and they look amazing. They don't necessarily last long but they're not expensive you can buy a lot of them and keep on painting! The red and the cobalt blue are my current favourites! Foundation is a tricky one because I'm not usually the best at matching myself and a lot of my foundation comes out slightly grey, so test it on your face before you buy!

Life is good, its almost Christmas, which means I get to bake incessantly and no one can judge me, plussssss I get to spend time with my family who I love more than anything! Happy times! Cue a good song:

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