Tuesday, 7 January 2014

That New, New

I used to find the New Year so simplistic, so boring, so repetitive. However as I've grown up, and grown out of my cyncism, I;ve also become a lot more positive. Obviously, I know that it being a new year doesn't erase mistakes you've made or automatically mean that your new year diet will work, but nowadays I do take it as an opportunity to pick particular things to improve in my life...yeah okay so I made a few new year's resolutions, don't judge me! I haven't done them in years.

One of my "new things" to do was to try more daring recipes and decorations. Not to be so scared of being a little adventurous with my baking choices! This Christmas, I started that initiative a little early, I made a four layer carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Now, maybe the recipe itself doesn't sound very adventurous, but the decorating, the idea of making a four layer cake, with extremely creamy and not very stable cream cheese icing, that was the adventurous part. For me at least.

Trying new things does not come naturally to me, so I was extremely happy with the way this cake turned out! I made it on the Monday, and on Wednesday when it was finally time to eat it, it was still moist! The sign a very good cake I'd say! Queue an excessive amount of pictures: (sorry you know what I'm like)

In terms of music, I've pretty much been listening to Beyonce's new album non-stop (okay well not exactly) since it came out, so I've been thinking for about 10 minutes now about which song to put here...and then I remembered that I've been listening to a lot of Motown recently (seriously those were the good old days of music), so here's one of my favourites, enjoy!

Since I have only one exam out of all my housemates and so I've been tasked with baking (they're paying for the ingredients!) for them while they study, I like to call it a little incentive! So expect two posts a week at least for the next few weeks! 
Until then!

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