Saturday, 17 August 2013

Exercising is fun...

Sports gear
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I've been  much of health nut but since going to university I've been losing weight by doing a lot of walking, and one of my housemates is a bit of a healthy, exercise crazy person so she's encouraged me to exercise more including doing running, which I actually really enjoy now, although I hated it at first! Its great to try and beat your previous times and just push yourself a little further each time. Since being at home however its been a lot more difficult to keep up with that regime and since its the countryside there are a lot of hills and not a lot of flat terrain for me to run in, unlike at university so keeping up with running has been tricky. For now I've resorted to a few miles brisk walk everyday uphill to help tone my legs and thighs. The uphill route is also good for toning your stomach. This is because while going uphill you need to maintain a good posture to stop your back from doubling over which means you need to put in extra effort to do so, which helps tone your stomach! Here are a few tips I've picked up that have helped me with exercise and particularly running:

  • Buy a Sportsbra - If you are very well endowed in the upper region (if you get my drift), then a sports bra is a must. I'd say wear this on top of your loosest bra because sports bras can be very tight, and this way you have the right amount of support and pressure to keep you from having any pain there while you're exercising. 

  • Get comfortable AND appropriate clothing - Trust me, while its nice to wear all Nike, if you're not comfortable in it, you won't exercise well in it. You need to get clothes that are comfortable and that are easy to move around in. If you go into a shop to try on some bottoms, try jogging around in them a bit to see how they feel when they heat up and if they fall down when you move around. The latter has happened to me and it was an expensive mistake!

  • OMG Shoes - Get the right shoes for running. The most stylish ones might look nice but they might be heavy on your feet, not have enough arch for your feet or not have enough cushion. Your best bet is to go into a store and talk to someone about what kind of feet you have and what will be the best fit for them. If you don't have the right shoes, you can either damage your feet, or you might find running incredibly difficult.

  • Mood Music -  I have tried and tested various playlists to get me going for a run and recently I used Spotify to created one that was more suited to my running tastes. When I'm running or walking, I like to have a heavy beat that I can sometimes match my pace to, so I created what I like to call an aggressive hip-hop playlist of songs to really get me going. I find it a lot better to run with music because otherwise I get distracted by sounds around me. Make sure that if you are listening to music while you run, you can still hear sounds around you so there aren't any accidents! See my playlist below!

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