Monday, 12 August 2013

Favourite Bloggers

I've started and deleted my fair share of blogs but throughout I've always had others bloggers as my inspiration and have been following some for quite a few years. Here are some of my favourites:

Karla Deras
I've been following Karla's blog since about 2009 and I've loved watching the way her style has evolved. She has a really clean, elegant style and knows how to dress her body really well and seems to have a really lovely personality.

Nicole Warner
First of all, I wonder how many miles she's racked up travelling all over the world! It seems like every time I see her instagram pictures, she's in a different country! Despite my slight jealousy at the amazing places she gets to visit she's such an inspiration as someone who took something she loved (blogging) and made it her full time job. Not only that but she's elegant, beautiful, and humble. Be sure to check out her blog.

Shirley B. Einiang
Can I just say that I love her! She's down to earth, smart, sensible, absolutely beautiful, has a great sense of style and is 100% genuine and humble! I've only been following Shirely for the past two years but she just makes me love her even more all the time! Absolutely love her blog and she is the picture of elegance. Be sure to check out her YouTube here.

Bree Hester
I think the title of my blog and the title of her blog says it all! Since being at uni I have discovered that I love cooking almost as much as I love baking and so its only a plus that Bree's blog, that I discovered about 3 years ago, has all kinds of recipes on it. Displayed in stylish and delicious form I might add. The other great thing about Bree is that she's a mother so she's creating recipes for families, which means that if you're like me, a university student, you can have friends round and make something delicious courtesy of Mrs Hester! Her blog is a definite one to salivate, I mean, have a look at ;)

Some awesome music to make you feel like a world class chef or blogger throughout your day:

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