Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Since being home from University for the summer, my mum has been trying to get the family to try some different and healthier recipes using this nutritional book she found. Well, I opted to try one of those recipes out and I've made it at least six times since!

You will need:
Mixed Peppers
Garlic Cloves
Ground Cumin
Basil (doesn't matter if its fresh or not!)
Chilli Pepper
Mince Meat
Kidney Beans
Chopped Tomatoes
Tomato Puree

Start off by dicing the onions and the celery

Then heat up either a pot or a pan (depending on how much you're making) with some olive oil and put in the celery and onions on low heat.

Then dice up the mixed peppers and garlic. The garlic may be a particularly long and tedious affair because its sticky, but this is why the onions and celery are on low!

Then wack these in with the onion and celery and turn up the heat!

Mmmm look at all those colours!

At this point you need to add in your mince meat and some salt to season the meat. Then add in your chopped tomatoes almost immediately afterwards so that they can help the meat to change colour as it cooks. Then add in the kidney beans and wait for everything to blend together. After this add in the Basil, Cumin, Salt, Oregano and Chilli Pepper to taste.

Can we say YUM?

Start simmering this and boil some rice. If the sauce seems a bit watery from the chopped tomatoes, add in some tomato puree to thicken it.

Make sure everything tastes good and serve hot!

Oh yeah.

I like to serve mine with a little side salad to keep everything in the healthy business.
Be prepared to make this a lot. I made it last night and my Dad had four helpings!

Some music I love...

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