Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Moment in the Sun

Sometimes, I get caught up in all the seriousness of life, that I forget to enjoy the little things, like spending time with family. Over the last few days I've spent a lot of time with family, laughing, eating, just enjoying one another's company, and its moments like these that I cherish the most.

Just this weekend I baked a chocolate cake! But not just any chocolate cake.This, is a Baked Bree chocolate Cake. The recipe for this much loved, and quickly devoured chocolate cake can be found here. Whilst I didn't get to take pictures of the cake while I was making it, (I was in a massive rush and it was late at night), I did get to take some pictures of it just before it was massacred by a pack of hungry people, also known as my family, at a BBQ on Saturday. Salivate, and enjoy ;)

If there was one particular criticsim I would want to make about this cake, it would be that I wish it wasn't so boiling hot when I was icing it because it meant that the icing was melting as I was icing the cake, and it meant that I couldn't smooth the sides and top as well as I could have! Ugh, the negatives of sunshine.

Oh, and I became an Aunty again! My cousin's gorgeous wife gave birth to twins just a week ago. A boy and a girl named Noah and Olivia; and let me just say, even though I'm their Aunty, they are absolutely gorgeous and 100% adorable. I am in love. Check out the newest, and cutest twins on the block below.

All snuggled up with mama bear.

I am completely in love with them!

Family is precious! Always remember that!

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