Friday, 6 September 2013

Pleasing To The Eye

...and to the stomach.

Last night I made nice and creamy macaroni cheese with a little twist. When I was boiling the penne pasta (yup I'm a rebel I use penne instead of macaroni), I boiled it with some crushed garlic and some diced onion so that that there were some hidden flavours! Then when I put everything in the oven I mixed in some chopped up red sweet pepper and some tomatoes! I served it with some salad with a salt, olive oil and mixed herbs homemade dressing. Yum!

Then earlier today I was a little cheeky and had some cheesy chips for may not be healthy, but the taste was definitely worth it...until I see it on my thighs. Oh who cares?!

I also did some baking today...

But I'll save that for tomorrow ;)

As you know, I am a massive Coldplay fan, so I was delighted to finally (they postponed the release date in August and I was not a happy bunny) hear their new song 'Atlas', for the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack. It is absolutely beautiful. If its any indication of what their new album (which I really hope comes soon) will sound like, then I am one very excited Coldplay fan indeed! Listen below:

How beautiful!

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