Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wants & Needs

There's always that thin line between what you want and actually need. Personally I blur the lines a bit sometimes for my own personal gain, and hey, if its my money, what's the big deal right? Right???


bag; New Look, boots; Dune, diary; Mulberry, lipstick; MAC, foundation; MAC

Since I'm going back to university to start my second year, above are just a few things I'd love to take back with me. The diary though? Maybe a cheaper option. It looks nice, but unless I hit my head really hard, I do not see myself buying a diary for over £20! For me its student, and just plain sensible living!

I've been wanting Ruby Woo lipstick from MAC for a while now. Since becoming a student tend not to spend more than £10 on make up unless its 'They're Real' mascara from Benefit which I have decided it only good because of the brush by the way, having substituted the actual mascara for a cheap Collection 2000 formula which works just great in conjunction with the Benefit brush! I've heard a lot of good things about the Ruby Woo lipstick and its great moisture and colour, and its staying power, especially in comparison to the other red lipsticks I've tried! 

The Mineralize Skinfinish from MAC is also absolute perfection but on the pricey side for lil' old me but is definitely worth it when I can afford to splurge a little because it makes my skin look airbrushed and is not too heavy on my sensitive skin! 

The boots have been needed for a while, ever since I went out in the snow in January and discovered a hole in my much loved and very comfortable boots from Dorothy Perkins. The above boots from Dune are not exactly what I want (I'd like a slightly smaller heel) but the colour and height are perfect. The price mind you is not..

The diary - I need to organise myself. The Calendar on my phone is rarely (if ever) checked and as the new load of societies are added to my schedule, I'm going to need a place to keep up with them all. This is where the diary comes in. Wish me luck trying to organise myself!

The bag I feel is the perfect balance between shoulder bag and satchel. I had a very nice but very unsuitable arm/wrist/hold-low-with-my-hand bag for my first year and I ended up with sore arms and sore hands from carrying heavy books in a gorgeous and very sturdy, but highly unsuitable bag. The gorgeous coloured New Look messenger bag above is the perfect mix between a satchel and a shoulder bag that can carry my books but still make me look good. 

Now, just to save up for all these things...

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